Session 91: Ystafell 12
Re-reading the revolution: writing and researching a multilingual history of Britain and Ireland, 1630-60

Chair: Catherine McKenna

Contributors: Jerry Hunter; Brendan Kane; Aonghas MacCoinnich; Síle Ní Mhurchú; Geraldine Parsons

This roundtable brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars working in Celtic languages to discuss a multi-lingual approach to Britain and Ireland in the ‘revolutionary’ period of 1630-60, one that pays comparative attention to the major vernaculars of the islands: English, Welsh, Scottish Gàidhlig, and Irish Gaelic. This period has been identified as one of the most crucial in the history of the archipelago's four nations and, more broadly, in the transition from medieval to modern. And yet, so much of the scholarship on this important period is written from English sources alone. Necessarily, a distorted image of the time and its legacies must result. This round table, thus, seeks to 're-read'  the crisis years of 1630-60 and discuss how widening our source base and our collaborative networks might further our understanding of this revolutionary moment in ways that draw out Celtic perspectives. Among the topics discussed will be various learning tools, questions of translation practice, archival resources and collaborative strategies.