Session 103: Ystafell 7
Reading Early Modern Irish: a practical workshop

Sponsored by: CSANA

Chair: Andrea Palandri

Contributors: Gregory Darwin, Wes Hamrick, Brendan Kane, Síle Ní Mhurchú, Deirdre Nic Chárthaigh

As participants in the collaborative digital humanities project, Lé – Learn Early Modern Irish, we propose a workshop aimed at building skills and confidence in reading Early Modern Irish. The session will focus on analyzing and translating selected quatrains of a bardic poem. The poem will be announced beforehand and participants encouraged to work on a single quatrain prior to the Conference, either individually or as part of a group. One week before the conference, they will submit their work to the organizers, who will share it with all pre-registered participants. On the day, they will present their work to the group, who will assist in making a final version.

This is a practical, educational workshop. Participants need not have prior experience with Early Modern Irish, although a working familiarity with Modern Irish would be helpful. They are not expected to produce polished, final versions and we expect that people may come to the “table” with more questions than answers. In addition to being a workshop on translation and textual analysis, it is also a publishing opportunity and community-building exercise: the completed selection will appear on Lé and those who take part will be credited as members of the editorial/translation team. Interested participants should contact any of the organizers if they have questions, and to receive a quatrain to prepare. Same-day “walk-ins” are welcome, too, although the goal is to have draft analyses prepared beforehand so that the workshop can be spent on discussion and revision with an eye to publication.