Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

We welcome submissions related to individual papers, full sessions or posters, during the International Celtic Congress, from scholars (including independent scholars) and postgraduate students. The submission form is quite long and detailed; the following points should help avoid confusion.

General: 'Celtic Studies', languages and areas

We welcome submissions relating to the whole range of Celtic Studies, as that field is generally understood in our universities. As a rule, discussions will concern the Celtic languages, their literatures and their cultures (employing a wide range of methodologies, including the comparative) but the 'Celticity' of some key 'Celtic' fields, does not stem from the linguistic nature of their objects (e.g., music, archaeology etc.), and others which are concerned with other languages (usually Latin).

We ask you on the form to note the language/languages with which your proposal is concerned: you may note more than one if that is relevant. You may also note 'none'.

You are also asked to describe the main field(s) of your discussion: please choose the most relevant option(s) and add details if you feel strongly that this is necessary.

You are welcome to present in your language of choice: please note this where requested. Simultaneous translation may be arranged from Welsh into English.

Individual papers or posters

It is likely that most submissions will concern individual papers (20 minutes) involving a single presenter. In this case, and in the case of poster presentations, you should simply ignore the parts of the form which ask for details of chairpersons, other presenters, etc. Give only the information which is relevant to you. Under 'Paper Presenter(s) or Session contributors' you should put your name, and your name only. In the relevant box you should supply an abstract of 200-250 words.

Individual papers with multiple presenters

If you wish to share the presentation of a 20-minute paper, only one form should be completed, by one of the presenters, but you should include the full details of the other presenter(s) in the relevant parts of the form, so that we are able to contact them as required. Please fill in 'Paper Presenter(s) or Session contributors' (give names only) in addition to 'Additional presenters, contributors or panel members' further down the form (here you will provide further details). In the relevant box, please supply an abstract of 200-250 words. In due course, when submissions have been accepted, each presenter will register individually.

Two papers, individual but related

If it is desired that two 20-minute papers be treated as a unit and presented sequentially in one session, the details should be provided as above, for both papers individually (i.e., a separate form is completed for each of the two papers). Each form should contain the relevant abstract of 200-250 words (relevant to that particular paper).

Under 'Further details', both submissions should refer to the other related paper, and provide (a) the name of the other academic(s), (b) the title of the other paper, and (c) the relationship of the papers to each other.

Complete Sessions

If you wish to organise an entire session, please note this under 'Your submission'. We welcome applications from individuals or societies to organise a range of session-types, and mainly the following ('paper' in each case refers to a 20-minute presentation):

  1. A three-paper panel (chair appointed by the session organiser).
  2. A session consisting of three related papers (chair may be appointed by session organiser, or left to Congress organisers. 
  3. Round table on a clearly defined academic topic or topics (chair appointed by session organisers)
  4. Workshops (e.g. translation, text editing, etc.) on themes related to the conference remit.

For each application to organise an entire session, the details of all the contributors should be given in the relevant place on the form. You should fill in 'Paper Presenter(s) or Session contributors' (provide here names only) in addition to 'Additional presenters, contributors or panel members' further down the form (here, provide further details). In due course, when submissions have been accepted, each presenter will register individually.

Under 'your abstract / full details of prospective session', please proceed as follows. For a three-paper session, you should provide either three separate abstracts (each 200-250 words) or a 400-500-word description that outlines the nature of the entire session, with details of the separate contributions. In the case of a round table, you should give a 400-500-word description that outlines the field and purpose of the discussion, and also clarifies the contributions to be made by individual panel-members.

Where a session is organised by an academic society, please note this clearly under 'Further details' at the bottom of the form, to permit acknowledgement on the programme.